About fastbatts.com

Our Goal at fastBatts.com is to become your battery supplier, providing you with High Quality, Great Prices and Awesome Customer Experience.

We have batteries for your Home or Office: Alarm systems, Smoke Detectors, UPS, Remote controls, Car Keys, Alarm Keys, Keyless entry fobs, Calculators and PDA’s, Flashlights, Cameras, Toys, Wheelchairs, Mobility Scooter and other Medical devices used at home, Sports related devices, ride-on toys, electronic games, Tactical Flashlights and Laser Rangefinders, and many more.

We also have many batteries for specific industries like Security Integrators, Security Equipment Suppliers, Monitoring Centers, Home Medical Supplies, Hospital Medical Supplies, Companies with Service Contracts for Medical Facilities and Hospitals, Medical Equipment Suppliers, Property Management Companies, Outdoor Sports Companies and Suppliers, among many others.

If you buy Batteries to resale or integrate as part of the service your company provides, please contact us and we will be happy to give you additional discounts. Also, with proper presentation of Resale Tax Certificate, taxes charges will be waved.

We are not looking to sell to you once, we want to become your battery supplier !!!

fastbatts.com Team